Main Duties & Responsibilities
The following main responsibilities and duties occur in all accommodation  settings, such as Service User homes and Community facilities, to varying degrees and proportions of time:

To manage the provision of direct personal care, a safe environment and support to Service Users, in a variety of settings. Take responsibility for coordinating and monitoring care delivery for nominated persons in accordance with Support Plans, assessed needs and Service policies, procedures and Health & Safety regulations.

Provide Service Users with prescribed medication as directed by qualified and authorised person. To monitor and review all medication tasks and  responsibilities delegated to support team staff.

To undertake and be responsible for meeting the requirements of the relevant regulatory Care Standards Act. This is a legal responsibility placed on the job holder and is identifiable to them, where nominated as the Registered Manager.

To coordinate, oversee and assist in Service Users’ personal development by promoting, enabling and developing communication skills and independence through planned activities and skill development programmes.

Management, formal supervision and direction of staff in one or more locations. Monitor staff performance and undertake first line management responsibility for delegation of tasks, deployment of staff monitor and control of annual leave / sickness. Involved in staff recruitment, in identifying training  needs and ensuring performance reviews are undertaken when required.

Manage processes for collecting information and to ensure the production and effective maintenance of Service User records, contacts, statistical returns and financial records.

Respond effectively to immediate Service User needs, ensuring timely support and professional assistance is obtained as required.

To be responsible for a local team budget on a day to day basis with a typical budget size of £230,000+ .To contribute on a regular basis through Business Finance Meetings, to the overall process of budget management, to manage Best Value and other initiatives at a local area or team level.

Lead responsibility for specialised areas of knowledge and care delivery; contribute to the care assessment process and to develop and implement care and support plans in conjunction with colleagues and other professional staff. Routinely monitor and evaluate plans relating to changing needs, service demands and daily outcomes.

Act as an initial point of telephone and personal contact. Receive requests for information on a range of issues, take action and to engage with other colleagues and other professional staff to ensure resolution of issues relating to care provision.

Manage and oversee tasks and duties with Service Users to support and promote health and hygiene standards, social skills and independence. Assist Service Users with personal finance management and local shopping activities as directed or delegate to others.

Actively contribute to Service Planning processes at a local and area level, in conjunction with Senior Managers.

Frequent contact and close liaison with a range of colleagues, care professionals and other agencies related to Service User care. Lead and attend meetings as required.

Jointly responsible for own personal development, ongoing training and in developing appropriate attitudes to care delivery, in accordance with Service philosophy and aims.